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Current maps of the location of the mutant genes of Drosophila melano- gaster. Triploid intersexes in Drosophila melanogaster. The constitution of the germinal material in relation to heredity, With T. Caniegie Inst. Amt Rec. Aberrations in chromosomal materials. Eugenics, Genetics, and the Fam- ily. I ; Morgan Carnegie Inst. PnbL, PP. H, Sturtevant. Yr Bk. Revised Edition. Sturtevant and H J. Morgan, A H. New York, 16 pp.

Sex in relation to chromosomes and genes. Haploidy in Drosophila melanogaster. ScL, ii : Crossing over in the X-chromosomes of triploid females of Drosophila melanogaster. With E, G. Genetics, The Genetics of Drosophila. Biblographia Genetica, 2: Sturtevant Carnegie Inst. Birth Con. Genetics of Sciara. The linkage relations of a benign Tumor in Drosophila.

With M. Genetics, ii: The mutants of the extreme left end of the second chromosome of Droso- phila melanogaster. Genetics, it: J The chromosomes of Drosophila melanogaster. The behavior of mutable genes. Chromosome aberrations and the improvement of animal forms. Heredity, Some physicochemical aspects of life, mutation and evolution.

With Jerome Alexander.

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Some physicochemical aspects of life, mutation and evolution. With J. Colloid Chemistry; Vol. Chemical Catalogue Co. The reproductive S3'stem of triploid intersexes in Drosophila melanogaster. With Th. Xat, The giant mutation in Drosophila melanogaster : Part I ; the heredity of giant. With E. Abst, Vererb. Carnegie hist. Deficient regions of Notches in Drosophila melanogaster. Science, The constitution of the germinal material in relation to heredity'. Morgan and Jack Schultz.

Un problema de localizacion. English summary. The genetic conception of life. Address given before Academy of Science, U. The suppressors of purple. Apparatus and methods for Drosophila culture. Specific suppressors in Drosophila. The genetics of sex in Drosophila. Sex and Internal Secretions.

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Balti- more, Chap. Ill: Recombination and crossing-over. H, Morgan and Jack Schultz. Methods for distinguishing between duplications and specific suppressors. With Jack Schultz. Nat, , m3 A system of temperature control. With Hugh H. Frank- lin Inst. Culture media for Drosophila and the pH of media. Improvements in culture methods: the role of yeast. Constitution of the germinal material in relation to heredity.

Jour Heredity, A gas-operated incubator for Drosophila cultures. Peking Nat. Joitr, Biol. CMoscow , 4: Trans Dyn. The apterous-d mutation in Drosophila melanogaster Russian, with English summary. With X. Bull Inst. Genetical and cytological studies of a deficiency Notopleural in the second chromosome of Drosophila melanogaster. With Eleanor Nichols Skoog and J. Genetics, 21 : Demonstrations i of the first translocations in Drosophila melanogaster and 2 of normal repeats in chromosomes. Science, 1. Microscope illumination systems. An oil-retaining beveled face for high -aperture condensers.

Genes and chromosomes. The Teaching Biologist, Nov. Progress in cytogenetics. Stain Technology, Correspondences between linkage maps and salivary chromosome struc- ture, as illustrated in the tip of Chromosome 2R of Drosophila melanogaster. Cytologia, Fujii Jubilee, Vol. Heredity, With P. Is agglutination an explanation for the occurrence and for the chromo- mcre-to-chromomere specificity of synapsis?

With C C. JVash Yr. Sex and Internal Secretions Second edition. Baltimore, Chap II, A new map of the second chromosome. A revised map of the right limb of the second chromosome of Drosophila melanogaster. Heredity He came from a family of physicians, his great grand- father David Cushing practiced in Cheshire, Massachusetts; his grandfather Erastus was a teacher in the Berkshire Medical School, and his father, Henry Kirke Cushing was a practitioner in Cleveland.

He had an elder brother, Edward, who after Yale, Marvard Medical School, and the Massachusetts General Hos- ]jital, practiced medicine in Cleveland and was of great influ- ence on ITarvey, stimulating him to his career in medicine. I larvey Cushing went to school in Cleveland and then to Yale where he received his A.

Then to the J'larvard Medical School where he gained his A. From this time he served for one year in surgery in the Massachusetts General Hospital and then, in i8 6, he was a] i: ointed to the house-staff in surgery under Dr. I lalstcd at the Johns Ho] kins Hosjiital where he remained until as resident in. On June loth, , he married Katharine Stone Crowell, of Cleveland, and later they occupied a house at East Chase Street where his first child, William, was born.

His work, concentrated largely upon neurological surgery, but with a special course in experimental surgery for which the old Hunterian Laboratory was built, went on at the Johns Hopkins Hospital until when he moved with his family to Boston to take over the appointment as Professor of Surgery at the Harvard Medical School — afterward Moseley Professor of Surgery, and as surgeon-in-chief to the Peter Bent Brigham Hospital. Living in Brookline, his work at the hospital, with the acme of his development of neuro-surgery, went on until the war began.

Later, in x9, he was with Base Hospital 5 in France and after a short time, as Senior Consultant in Neuro-surgery of the American Expeditionary Force, which was a period in which his extreme physical exer- tions left him more or less disabled for the rest of his life. After the war he returned to Boston and carried on with increasing enthusiasm, until in , he reached the age of 63, at which, according to the hospital regulation, he must retire.

Next year, in , he went to Yale as Sterling Professor of Neurology, a position which he held until when this pro- fessorship terminated. But he continued to work not only on the pathological changes in the brains, from cases which he had studied, but especially too upon his great interest in the anatomical literature of the middle ages.

There was a celebration by the Harvey Cushing Society of his 70th liirth- day on April 8th, , and then, on October 7th of that year, he died of coronary occlusion after a brief illness. Halsted as resident surgeon in the Johns Hopkins Hospital brought him into con- tact with the use of the extremely careful technical methods in operating which were based on Dr.

Concentration upon these principles impressed him deeply and characterized all his operative work throughout his life. His main thought was ever the protection of the patient in every detail. In addition to his studies of intra-cranial tension and of neuralgic diseases of the trigeminal nerves, with operative work on the various tumors and other disturbances of the central nervous system, he grew interested in the functional activities of the pituitary gland.

IMany papers resulting from his experimental studies, often with Crowe and Homans, were finally related in a Harvey Lecture in and published as a book on the Pituitary Body in His interest in this extraordinary organ which he named the master gland, continued through- out his life with several books and many papers, one condition which he described being generally known as the Cushing syndrome.

Through the next years, during his stay in Baltimore, he continued his operative' study of cerebral tumors, including their effect upon the eyes and their various relations to intra- cranial pressure. It was then that he carried on his most stimulating course with a limited group of students in the Hunterian Laboratory on comparative surgery, which was really experimental surgery.

But at no time did his interest in various aspects of the function of the hypophysis cease, and there were nine other papers before he left for Boston, ending in a Harvey Lecture on dyspituitarism. XXII and many other papers on the hypophysis and its relations with other organs of internal secretion, appeared. Further, with L. Weed, there were carried on studies of the cerebro- spinal fluid which were later completed brilliantly by Weed and published in a series of papers.

During this time with his old devotion he made several visits to Dr. Osier in Oxford and suffered with sym- pathy upon the tragic death of his son, Revere. From the end of the war, after his return to Boston, he worked with incredible energy until his retirement in , not only over his hospital duties, his numerous operations which with his extreme precision and tenacity of purpose involved hours of intense physical exertion, his experimental work, his protracted study of the great mass of pathological material which he had accumulated, but also his bibliophilic pursuits.

Several large books comprising his studies of the tumors of the nervous system appeared — Tumors of Nervus Acuslicus, in , Classification of Gliomas with P. Bailey , in , Intracranial Tumors, in , Pituitary Body and Hypothala- mus, in , and finally, a great volume on Meningiomas with L. Eisenhardt , in With Dr. Thompson he made many experimental studies in this connection.

But his old bibliophilic enthusiasm, so long stimulated by Dr. Osier, became once more almost dominant and his collec- tion of the books of celebrated authors grew to fill many rooms. Indeed, through his last days he was hard at work upon a new essay or perhaps a book on Vesalius wliich was interrupted by his sudden death.

In Harvey Cushing everyone recognized a person of brilliant intellect and of great personal charm. His influence upon all who came in contact with him was deep and inspiring and especially to his students and associates this had a lasting effect upon their -lives. His extreme and rigid dominance over his assistants during his operations was only part of his care for the welfare of his patients and throughout the course of their illness under his supervision his devotion to their every comfort and attention to their slightest needs for the sake of their successful recovery was part of his profound interest in their good.

Many of his associates and friends have written memorial notes since his death and his biography by Dr. Fulton will appear shortly. Doctor of Medicine, Master of Arts, Harvard, House Officer, Massachusetts General Hospital, Army Base Hospital No. Member, American Association for the Advancement of Science. Fellow, American Surgical Association President, Fellow Hon. Fellow, American College of Surgeons President, Companion of the Bath Military.

Doctor of Laws, University of Cambridge. Pulitzer Prize in Letters, Columbia University. Doctor of Laws, University of Glasgow. Doctor of Laws, University of Edinburgh. Ehrenmitglied, Gesellschaft deutscher Neurologen unci Psychiater. Foreign member, Royal Society, London. Foreign member, Royal Academy of Sciences, Sweden. Ehrenmitglied, Gesellschaft der Chirurgen in Wien. Saunders Co. Life of Sir William Osier. Qassification of gliomas. Pathological findings in acromegaly.

With L. Tumors arising from blood vessels. Consecratio medici. Intracranial tumours. From a surgeon's journal. Addresses, Papers in Journals, and Reports Typhoidal cholecystitis and cholelithiasis. Johns Hopkins Hasp. Bull,, IX, Haematomyelia from gunshot wounds of the spine.

Amer, Jour, Med. Cocaine anaesthesia in treatment of hernia and thyroid tumors. Johns Hopkins Hosp. Laparotomy for intestinal perforation in typhoid fever. Finney, Ibid, Ibid, X, Remarks upon a case of jejunal fistula. Ibid, Observations upon the origin of gall-bladder infections and upon the experimental formation of gall-stones. Splenectomy for primary splenic anaemia.

Maryland Med. T Employment of local anaesthesia in the radical cure of certain cases of hernia, with a note upon the nervous anatomy of the inguinal region. Johis Hop- kins Hosp. XXII Exploratory laparotomy under local anaesthesia for acute abdominal symp- toms occurring in the course of typhoid fever. A method of total extirpation of the Gasserian ganglion for trigeminal neuralgia.

Experimental and surgical notes upon the bacteriology" of the upper portion of the alimentary canal. Thrombosis of carotid artery. IQOI Sur la laparotomie exploratrice precoce dans la perforation intestinale au cours de la fievre typhoide. Concerning prompt surgical intervention for intestinal perforation in typhoid fever.

Concerning a definite regulatory mechanism of the vasomotor centre which controls blood pressure during cerebral compression. Bull, XII, Concerning the poisonous effect of pure sodium chloride solutions upon the nerve-muscle preparation. Haller and his native town. Differenze deir irritabilita dei nervi e dei muscoli. Ac cad. Lined, X, Cohen's System of physiologic therapeutics.

Physiologische und anatomische Beobachtungen fiber den Einfluss von Hirnkompression auf den intracraniellen Kreislauf und- fiber einige hiermit verwandte Erscheinungen Mitt. On the avoidance of shock in major amputations by cocainization of large nerve-trunks preliminary to their division. Some experimental and clinical observations concerning stales of increased intracranial tension. Exhibition of surgical cases, A ninth case of Gasserian ganglion extirpa- tion.

Bull,, XIII, Treatment by the tourniquet to counteract the vasomotor spasm of Ray- naud's disease. Boston Med. The taste fibres and their independence of the X. Bull, XIV, The surgical treatment of facial parah'sis by nerve anastomosis. The blood -pressure reaction of acute cerebral compression, illustrated by cases of intracranial hemorrhage.

Exhibition of two cases of radicular paralysis of the brachial plexus. With H. Pneumatic tourniquets : with especial reference to their use in craniotomies. Kcies, X. The sensory distribution of the fifth cranial nerve. Cleveland Med. Jour , IV, i. The surgical aspects of major neuralgia of the trigeminal nerve. Med, Assn. Paris, H C. Thacher, J. Ortschild, and F. Bull, XVI, Concerning surgical intervention for the intracranial hemorrhages of the new-born.

ScL, n. CXXX, The establishment of cerebral hernia as a decompressive measure for in- accessible brain tumors ; with the description of intermuscular methods of masking the bone defect in temporal and occipital re- gions. With Mr. Langnecker and Mr. Instruction in operative medicine. With the description of a course given in the Hunterian Laboratory of Experimental Medicine.

Johns Hop- kins Hosp. Bull, XVII, The holders of The Gold-headed cane as book collectors. Cases of spontaneous intracranial hemorrhage associated with trigeminal nervi. Sexual infantilism with optic atrophy in cases of tumor affecting the hypophysis cerebri. Introduction With P. Gilman to: Comparative surgery. Second series of reports. Bancroft and E. Cross ; G. Hopkins; A. Dochez; W. Von Gerber; and G. Y Med. Exhibition of cases. Decompressive craniectomy for brain tumor; Gas- serian ganglion operation for major neuralgia ; exploratory craniotomy for Jacksonian epilepsy originating in the motor area of the lower extremity.

Johis Hopkins Hosp. Remarks on some further modifications in the Gasserian ganglion opera- tion for trigeminal neuralgia sensory-root evulsion. South Surg. Introduction with J. Ortschild to: Comparative surgery. Third series of reports. The subtemporal decompressive operation for the relief of pressure symptoms due to fracture of base of skull. Experimental and clinical notes on chronic valvular lesions in the dog and their possible relation to a future surgery of the cardiac valves. Technical methods of performing certain cranial operations, Inler. H, Med. Surg Gyncc. Removal of a subcortical cystic tumor at a second-stage operation.

Subtemporal decompressive operations for the intracranial complications associated with bursting fractures of the skull. Obstructive hydrocephalus following cerebrospinal meningitis, with intra- ventricular injection of antimeningitis serum Flexner. With F. Subtemporal decompression in a case of chronic nephritis with uremia. Bordley, Jr. In: Surgery, its principles and practice. Keen, Ed. Some principles of cerebral surgery.

Observations on choked disc, with especial reference to decompressive cranial operations. Is the pituitary gland essential to the maintenance of life? BidL, XX, A note upon the faradic stimulation of the postcentral gyrus in conscious patients. Discussion of: Prophylactic use of hexamethylenamin in cerebrospinal meningitis. J, Crowe. Report of the Committee on the Osier Testimonial. Maryland, I, Some aspects of the pathological physiology of intracranial tumors.

A method of combining exploration and decompression for cerebral tumors which prove to be inoperable. The hypophysis cerebri. Cases of cerebellar tumor, with the statistics of thirty operations. Inf erst. Jour,, XVI, Alterations in the color fields in cases of brain tumor. Ophthal, N. Effects of hypophyseal transplantation following total hypophysectomy in the canine.

With S. Crowe and J. XXII Partial hypophysectoiny for acromegaly with remarks on the function of the hypophysis. Surg,, L, Lajicct, I, Experimental hypophysectomy. Bull,, XXI, Strangulation of the nervi abducentes by lateral branches of the basilar artery in cases of brain tumour. Brain, XXX, Concerning the secretion of the infundibular lobe of the pituitary body and its presence in the cerebrospinal fluid. The special field of neurological surgery: five years later. Tumors of the brain and meninges. Lea and Febiger, VII, Letter in: Western Reserve University.

The Medical Department En- dowment Fund. Cleveland, 4to, 18 pp. Witli E.

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Goetsch and C. Distortions of the visual fields in cases of brain tumor. First paper. With G. Bull, XXII, The control of bleeding in operations for brain tumors. Second paper. Harvey Lecture, , Third paper.

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With C B. Weed and C. Bull, XXIV, Concerning the symptomatic differentiation between disorders of the two lobes of the pituitary body : with notes on a syndrome accredited to hyperplasia of the anterior and secretory stasis or insufficiency of the posterior lobe. Sci, CXLV, Concerning diabetes insipidus and the polyurias of hypophysial origin. Hibernation and the pituitary body.

The pars anterior and its relation to the reproductive glands. The correlation of the organs of internal secretion and their disturb- ances. Lancet, II, The treatment of tumours of the brain and the indications for operation. Lancet, II, , Affections of the pituitary body. Experiences wuth the meningeal fibro-endothelioma. The perimetric deviations accompanying pituitary lesions preliminary note. L Introduction. Surgical experiences with pituitary disorders. The quatercentenary of Andreas Vesalius. A centripetal versus a centrifugal hospital service. Boston : Privately printed.

The effect of pituitary extract upon its secretion choroidorrhoea. H, Weed. Concerning the results of operations for brain tumor. Fourth paper. Alumni Bull.. Exp Med.. XXII, Lea and Febiger, 2nd ed. The work of the American Ambulance Hospital in Paris. Privately printed. Studies on the cerebro-spinal fluid and its pathway. Genetics, I, With the British Medical Corps in France.

Yale Rev. Concerning operations for the cranio-cerebral wounds of modern warfare. Yale in medicine. In : The book of the Yale pageant. Yale Univ. Studies of optic-nerve atrophy in association with chiasmal lesions. OphfliaL, XLV, On convulsive spasm of the face produced by cerebello-pontine tumors. Anosmia and sellar distension as misleading signs in the localization of a cerebral tumor.

Report of the Surgeon-in-Chief. Johns Hopkins PInsp. The bombing of the Harvard Base Hospital. Fractures of the skull. Meninges, ependyma, and brain. Parts i and 2 of Chapter I Surgery of the head. In: War surgery of the nervous system. War Department, Office of the Surgeon-General. Printing Office.

Sft Magazin 07 Juli

Fifth paper. XLVII, Xotes on penetrating wounds of the brain. Brit Med. A study of a series of wounds involving the brain and its enveloping structures. Arch Med. Concerning the establishment of a National Institute of Neurology'. Neurological surgery and the war. Some neurological aspects of reconstruction. Arch Neurol. Abstracts in: Manual of neuro-surgery. Printing Office, 1 Introduction to : The old humanities and the new science.

The purpose and technical steps of a subtemporal decompression. In: Surgical Diagnosis and Treatment. By American Authors. Ochsner, Ed. Brain tumor statistics. William Osier the man. Report of the Surgeon-in- Chief. Cambridge, Mass. Alterations of intracranial tension by salt solutions in the alimentary canal. Biol, XVII, Remarks on the acoustic neuromas and on ethmoidal operations for choked disc. Two cases of splenectomy for splenic anemia.

Accessory sinus disease and choked disk. Amer Med. The major trigeminal neuralgias and their surgical treatment based on exijeriences with Gasserian operations. The role of deep alcohol injections in the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia. Note Ann. Discussion on perimetric methods. OphthaL, IV, The special field of neurological surgery after another interval. X enrol. Cerebral surgery. Further concerning the acoustic neuromas. Laryngoscope, XXXI, Disorders of the pituitary gland. The personality of a hospital. Remarks at conferring of honorary fellowships in the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.

Prefatory note to: Dedication exercises of the Oscar C. Tugo Circle, Boston. Boston Med Surg Jour. Sixth paper. Neurol Assn. A large epidermal cholesteatoma of the parieto-temporal region deforming the left hemisphere with cerebral symptoms. Les syndromes hypophysaires au point de vue chirurgical. The cranial hyperostoses produced by meningeal endotheliomas.

William Stewart Halsted, Science, LVI, The meningiomas dural endotheliomas ; their source and favoured seals of origin. Brain, XLV, The physician and the surgeon. Laboratories : then and now, Toronto : Privately printed. Surg, Gyncc. Contributions to the clinical study of intracranial aneurysms.

Primary gliomas of the chiasm and optic nerves in their intracranial portion. Xanthochromia and increased protein in the spinal fluid above tumors of the cauda equina, With J. Ayer Arch. Neurological surgeons: with the report of one case. Arch, X enrol. Psychiat,, X, Notes on a series of intracranial tumors and conditions simulating them. Psychiat, X, Press, 23 pp. The clinical teacher and the medical curriculum. George H. Simmons: Editor, publisher and writer. In: George H. A testimonial.

The Western Reserve and its medical traditions. Cleveland: Privately printed. Medulloblastoma cerebelli: A common type of mid-cerebellar glioma of childhood. Bailey Trafis. Papillomas of the choroid plexus. Discussion of : Roentgenological aspects of brain tumors — meningiomas.

Sosman and T. John Irvine Hunter, Should Boston Have a Community Chest? Boston Traveler, p. Robert Williamson Lovett, XXII Kxperiences with blood replacement during or after major intracranial operations. Ahinuii Bull. Experimentum periculosum: judicium difficile. Prefatory note to : A consideration of the hypophysial adenomata.

Dott and P. The third circulation and its channels. Lancet, CCIX, The pituitary gland as now known. Intracranial tumors and the surgeon. Ductless glands discussion. Foreword to: AI. Lon- don. Florence: R. Lier and Co. Boston, Jour, Amer. Cleveland, Ohio : Privately printed. Care of head injuries and injuries to the spine and peripheral nerves in the forward hospitals.

In: Medical Department of U. Army in the World War, Vol. XI, : Govt. Diffuse tumors of the leptomeninges. The transformation of a malignant paravertebral sympathicohlawStoma into a benign ganglioneuroma- With S. James Ford Rhodes, In : Later Years of the Saturday Club, Houghton Mifflin Co. The basal metabolism. M, David- off. Letter to Time. Time, May 23; IX, 2. Studies in acromegaly. The disturbances of carbohydrate metabolism. Experiences with orbito-ethmoidal osteomata having intracranial com- plications. The meningiomas arising from the olfactory groove and their removal by the aid of electro-surgery.

Glasgow : Jackson, Wylie and Co. Acromegaly from a surgical standpoint. Lea and Febiger, 3rd ed. Chevalier Jackson. New Engl. The microscopical structure of the adenomas in acromegalic dyspituitarism fugitive acromegaly. An account of the dedicatory ceremonies in connection with the Base Hospital No. Privately printed Merrymount Press , Boston. Electro-surgery as an aid to the removal of intracranial tumors. Angioblastic meningiomas.

Complete Journal: Volume 21 Issue 5

Meningiomas arising from the tuberculum sellae. Boston: Privately printed. XXII The medical career. Hanover, N. News, March 15 Billroth letter. Orvoskepzes special Billroth centennial number , XIX, i. Exercises in celebration of the bicentenary of the birth of John Hunter.

Nezv Engl. Med , CC, The chiasmal syndrome of primary optic atrophy and bitemporal field defects in adult patients with a normal sella turcica. Xlllth Int. The binding influence of a library on a subdividing profession. Observations about two biquadratics, of which the sum is able to be resolved into two other biquadratics by Euler L. Ribet Giefer, M. Trieste, Italy - November , by A.

An experiment in software prototyping productivity by Hudak P. Denumerable Markov chains: Generating functions, boundary theory, random walks by Woess W. Fortran 77 by Vetter D. Jaded by Anya Bast Numerische Mathematik kompakt.. Grundlagenwissen fur Studium und Praxis by Plato R. Design, fabrication and characterization of nano-photonic components based on silicon and plasmonic material by Liu Liu.

Rosen 41 Shots. Interpolation de fractions continues et irrationalite de certaines constantes by Apery R. Legacy by Greg Bear A branch and cut approach to the cardinality constrained circuit problem by Bauer P. Die kosmische Bedienungsanleitung zur planetaren Evolution. Fundamentals and Advanced Topics by A. Radieux by Greg Egan Lp estimates for the linear wave equation and global existence for semilinear wave equations in exterior domains by Nakao M.

On Listening to Lectures. How to Tell a Flatterer from Fortran for scientists and engineers. Files for the book and errata by Chapman. Introduction to tractability and approximability of optimization problems by Chen J. Beron Qual. Gullo Dialectical Materialism and Communism. Being a Final Rejoinder by L. The relationship between virologic and immunologic responses in AIDS clinical research using mixed-effects varying-coefficient models with measurement error by Liang H.

Administration and Reference Guide by Baird C. A statistical method for the estimation of window-period risk of transfusion-transmitted HIV in dono by Yasui Y. Chemistry, physics, and medicine by Leroy F. Principles, design, artifacts, and recent advances by Hsieh J. Proceedings, Canadian Mathematical Society by A. Nicas Explicit approach to elementary number theory Math, Harvard lecture notes, web draft by Stein W. Marketing the City: The role of flagship developments in urban regeneration by H. K Sen Quantum Theoretic Machines. What is thought from the point of view of physics by A.

Complete Journal: Volume 21 Issue 5

Mathematical, philosophical, religious and spontaneous students' explanations of the paradox of Achilles and the tortoise by Meroz E. Stoll Kryptologie by Watjen D. Tome 1 pass infanata by Cohen H. Hohne Random marginal agreement coefficients: rethinking the adjustment for chance when measuring agreem by Fay M. Pitts Geometry by Audin M. Vol ] by S. Hemby SdKfz 8 by Hettler N Something musical happened at the library: adding song and dance to children's story programs by Rob Reid A - equivalence and the equivalence of sections of images and discriminants by Damon J.

Check-list of the diatoms in the holocene deposits of the western belgian coastal plain with a surgery of their apparent ecological requirements part 1 by Denys L. Woods New method for interpolation and curve fitting based on local procedures by Akima H. Formatting information. Dark Lover by J. Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria - A Contin.

Bone And Osteoarthritis (Topics In Bone Biology, 4) 2007

Koran Approach spaces: The missing link in the topology-uniformity-metric triad by R. V-VII v. Acre by D. Kizlik Quantum theoretic machines: what is thought from the point of view of physics by A. Barth Conformal invariance in percolation, self-avoiding walks, and related problems by Cardy J. Dreamweaver UltraDev 4 in 21 Tagen. Fizica by Aristotel Scaling and renormalization in statistical physics.

Hints for exercises by Cardy J. Lit by Mary Karr Complements de mathematiques -- a l'usage des ingenieurs de l'electrotechnique et des telecommunications by Angot A. Advanced social media marketing: How to lead, launch, and manage a successful social media program by Tom Funk Exodus by Leon Uris Carcinogenesis, Diag.

An illustration of a paradox about the idoneal, or suitable, numbers by Euler L. Ward Errata for Introduction to microlocal analysis heat kernels, K-theory, Spectral theory for L2 perturbations of orthogonal polynomials by Simon B. Organizational Psychology by Anderson Mathematical tables: logarithms, trigonometrical, nautical and other tables by Pryde J. Number Theory. Geometry by Polya G. De Descartes a Euler by Marie M. User's Guide and Reference Part No.

A Release 9. Code Games by Pallas N. Thesis by H. Itter Negotiating Development: Rationales and practice for development obligationsand planning gain by F. Ennis Kakteen by Berger A. Qualitative properties of ground states for singular elliptic equations with weights by Pucci P.

Age at Election by Pearl R. Box Algebra by T. Periodic orbits close to elliptic tori and applications to the three-body problem by Berti M. Haushaltselektrik selbst installieren und reparieren: Leicht gemacht, Geld und Arger gespart! Continuous cohomology, discrete subgroups, and representations of reductive groups by A. Human and Societal Dynamics by T. D: Information and Com by S. Denkshriften der Kaiserlichen Akademie der Wissenschaften. Mathematisch-naturwissenschaftliche Classe by Toula F.

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II : Relativity and the quantum theory by A D'Abro A treatise on the analytical geometry of the point, line, circle, and conical sections by Casey J. Leah by J. Liu Nominalreferenz und Zeitkonstitution. Zur Semantik von Massentermen, Individualtermen,. Computational methods for the analysis and design of photonic bandgap structures by Min Qiu. Grundlagen der allgemeinen Theorie der analytischen Funktionen by Knopp K. Algorithm Hall Error analysis and estimation for the finite volume method with applications to fluid flows by Jasak H.