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Light, foolish tale of bad boy brothers in s Boston. The writing was not graceful and the story was littered with asides and tangents but I ended up enjoying the book. It had enough tragedy in the story to balance the goofy comedy. The brother element was handled in a way that worked for me, having grown up with brothers. Perfect book to read on vacation. A wild ride through New England's most memorable blizzard.

Flaherty captures the time period and your imagination with this heartwarming coming of age tale. Jun 08, Antonya rated it liked it Shelves: It was ok. Typically not my kind of book. I didn't like the fact that scenes changed right away when he talked about a memory. Overall it had a good sense of humor. Jun 27, Kristin Zwarg rated it it was amazing. Funny New England humor. This book made me laugh out loud, often :. Dec 09, Mara rated it liked it. I enjoyed reading this with the Boston references and the feeling of Boston years ago but otherwise just thought it was ok.

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Jul 22, Patrick rated it liked it Shelves: favorites , booksale-finds , realistic-fiction , young-adult , coming-of-age. The brothers, John and Gully aren't exactly bad guys. Despite being in their early twenties, the Gullivan brothers demonstrated a remarkable amount of immaturity, lack of work ethics and a knack for always getting them into trouble.

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So when a massive snowstorm disabled the entire of Boston, John and Gully found themselves disguised as rescue volunteers from Red Cross. Their mission? To score a rare kind of pot f The brothers, John and Gully aren't exactly bad guys. To score a rare kind of pot from their friend in Braintree. The problem? Almost everybody in the neighborhood seemed to believe it, stalling the Gullivan brothers from their elusive high. Written under the funny voice of John Gullivan, Puff, although at first glance poses as a raucous tale about pot and the tongue-in-cheek misadventures along with it, definitely has a lot of depth and emotion at its heart.

It really took me by surprise as a reader. Though, at times it was hilarious, I think the flashbacks were a form of childhood yearning. A yearning for a life and a family that they once had and now slowly fading. Other themes such as religion, faith and family values were also subtly touched by the book. The book has a lot of character, I assure you that.

Even the dilapidated van they used on their adventure had a lot of spunk in it. Despite being a bit slow on the beginning, Puff definitely picked up its pace during the middle, where they broke into their old school to crash my favorite part. As I finished the book, I became less and less interested if they score the bag of pot or not.

For me, that was not the point of the story. It was not the point of the story to begin with. Packed with passages and dialogues that will make you crack, Puff is a beautiful, coming-of-age book that will make you laugh and sigh in the most unexpected of places. Highly recommended. Jun 01, Shelley rated it liked it. Good but not great. I had high hopes for this one because the story of two guys determined to score a bag of weed amidst a huge snow storm had to be good. Sure there were some shenanigans and here and there I laughed out loud and there were some sweeter moments.

It probably didn't help that a lot of the slang was lost on me since I'm from the Midwest and have never been to Boston. The back cover has a blurb by Jonathan Tropper who is one of my favorite authors. Puff felt like Jonathan Tropper li Good but not great. Puff felt like Jonathan Tropper lite. The difference between Jonathan Tropper and this book is that Jonathan Tropper makes you care about the characters. The main characters in Puff didn't have much of an impact on me, but some secondary characters were fantastic.

Puff is a light read that is full of guy toilet humor and colorful language with some good laughs here and there Dec 17, AJ LeBlanc rated it liked it.

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Only the book has nothing to do with that. Nov 26, kathryn rated it liked it. Dec 28, Jeannette rated it it was ok. I can't remember how this ended up on my library holds list, but I kinda wish it didn't get that far. Not that Puff is horrible, but it was kind of a slog to get through, not as funny as all the back-cover reviews claim it to be, and the story and characters seemed weak.

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I didn't laugh, it didn't give me goosebumps and I just didn't care. Apr 17, Amanda rated it really liked it. NOOK Book.

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Meet John Gullivan, age thirteen, obsessed with the moles that dot most of his body. Meet his brother Gully, who can't stop laughing at them. Now meet the brothers ten years later, in the middle of the most ferocious blizzard anyone can remember. Set in an Irish working-class suburb of Boston in the s and s, Puff centers on a quest as the soon-to-be-orphaned brothers, posing as rescue personnel, attempt to steer their dilapidated van through insurmountable snow, all to score a bag of pot.

Trapped in their own ruse and forced to act the part of the saviors they are pretending to be, the brothers run into an endless stream of foes and obstacles: the cops, their childhood priest, a knife-wielding maniac, and the ill all stand in the way of their elusive high. A raucous caper, Puff is as hilarious as it is heartfelt and will resonate with old and young alike. They have 3 sons. Bob has, at various times, been an actor, a director, a cartoonist, a sportscaster, a talk show host, a tour guide, a storyteller, a disabled bus driver, a master of ceremonies, a hanger of gutters, a singer of national anthems and a baseball coach.

I am aware of the moles because I am covered with moles. Why, I have no idea. Not one member of my family has even so much as a blackhead, and here's me, a walking sheet of Braille. I am also keenly aware of the poster. The poster of the mole. The poster that magnifies the mole about , times, depicting the mole in various stages of metamorphosis, with big serious black letters beneath each stage warning: SEE MOLE. I am now so aware of the moles I can practically see them changing before my eyes. Changing color, changing texture, changing size.

Threatening to bubble over in hideous disease. I can feel them incubating on the small of my back like a colony of ticks. I look at them in the morning before school, with mirrors and magnifying glasses, making detailed mental notes of the slightest variations: the deepening crease on the one under my left nipple, the ever-multiplying cluster of them under my armpit, the one three inches from my navel I've never seen before in my life.

It's like trying to identify constellations on a chart of the midnight sky. I feel compelled to give them names. I am thirteen years old. In the prime of my life. Certain I am soon to die, I spend a lot of time praying. On my knees. I pray Our Fathers.

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I pray Hail Marys. I pray and pray, eyes closed, trying to block out my brother's derisive laughter from the bunk above. Of course, everything kills Gully. Laugh, laugh, laugh. That's what everybody calls him too. From about the minute he was born. It's short for Gullivan, which is our last name. Nobody calls me Gully, even though I was born first, by about two whole years. I'm just John, always John, unmistakably John. Our family prophecy is pretty much spelled out on Dad's panel truck.

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