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In that action of participation it finds sanctuary. Our diverse and transient City populous may cause us too to look beyond the western interpretation of the death of Jesus and see the bread and wine as that symbol of liberation which it is for those who know injustice because they are not part of the indigenous peoples.

Here in this moment we belong. In breaking bread out in the open air, we open a more global understanding which challenges our perception, opening the narrative and allowing it to be interrupted by the unprepared, the untrained, who through participation have the right to become the body of Christ.

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I would not want to miss extending the opportunity for conversion by curtailing the distribution to be within the control only of the established church. Sources I have drawn from are:. We meet at this place of grace as citizens of Gods world, celebrating the fragile hope of God made flesh in our City. Rejoice with us in our celebration and may the Spirit of the lord be upon us. Bring us together in our sharing at this place of feasting.

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Support us in our working together as you come into a hungry world as bread, and into a thirsty world as wine. Like what you see?

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Who is invited?

More like this:. Capturing the signals of surrounding radio waves, WiFi Impressionist interprets and represents these presences in poetic, multi-layered drawings. Evident throughout his dreamlike portfolio, each piece perfectly blends a mix of found and manipulated imagery with scenes taken from real life. In our absence, here are 12 recent stories about creative projects tackling the crisis. As observation increases understanding, make a point of including your children. Allow them to handle communion trays and make a point of speaking words of blessing to them.

Before a communion service, lead them through a time of personal reflection just as you would engage in self-examination to prepare your own self. Help them understand both the solemnity and the celebration of thankfulness that accompanies forgiveness. Encourage them to ask questions of grandparents, pastors, teachers, and others.

Read the Passover stories Exod. Remember to encourage them. Jesus welcomed children Mark As understanding increases, the desire to participate may also increase. This desire is an open door to one of the most formative discipleship stages in the life of a believer. Children often understand much more than adults realize. If children do not yet have the clear ability to express in adult language what communion means, that does not mean they lack understanding.

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A child can be given opportunities to express understanding in nonverbal or developmentally appropriate ways, such as:. A child who has been involved in the stages of observation, inclusion, and involvement will have shown whether they are ready to participate. You will be able to respond with confidence that your child has understood the significance and meaning of communion.

Some churches invite only baptized believers to participate. Others invite all believers. The invitation to participate in communion is often open to non-baptized believers. As someone responsible for the spiritual care and nurture of your child, you are the accountability link between your child and the larger church family. During worship, sit together and be the one to serve your child.

Be sensitive and recognize that peer pressure may be a factor in wanting to participate, for both your child and other children.

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Remember that participation one time does not assume participation next time. Personal preparation rather than precedent is what the decision to participate rests upon. This pamphlet is only a first step. Discuss your questions with your pastor. Ask for teaching and guidance for yourself and your children. Make use of the resources listed below and talk with others about how they have guided their children through these decisions. Ray Bystrom, Baptism and Membership Pamphlet. Board of Faith and Life, Resources for baptism and communion services ,