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They are attractive to the eye and appear to be more substantial than they actually are. Colorful, sweet, sticky, and ultimately not very good for you. As is the case wit I picked up Lucid Intervals, Stuart Woods' eighteenth entry in the Stone Barrington series, because I remembered enjoying the Barrington books, years ago. As is the case with most of the Barrington novels, Lucid Intervals is not overly burdened with a twisted plot.

This one involves a couple of characters from prior novels: Felicity Devonshire, the beautiful British intelligence agent with whom Stone has shared prior cases and, occasionally, a bed ; and Herbie Fisher, Barrington's bad-luck charm. Felicity wants to hire Stone to flush out a rogue intelligence operative. Herbie has won millions of dollars in the lottery and is convinced someone wants to kill him. He also wants to marry a prostitute, and wants to hire Stone to make sure the rest of his life goes smoothly.

I won't go as far as to say this is a bad book. It's not. Stuart Woods is a skilled writer, able to keep even the weakest of plots rolling along. But I get the feeling that Woods is writing the same book, over and over. So I won't be reading any more of the Barrington novels, and I cannot, in good conscience, recommend the series to any of my fellow lovers of detective fiction. Stone Barrington, ex-NYPD turned attorney, is saddled with a repeat client no one else wants to represent when his secretary accepts a retainer from Herbie Fisher after he claims to have won millions in the lottery.

Herbie is questioned in related to another death, this time his fiancee. Stone is also reunited with an old flame, Dame Felicity, a British agent, to help her with a case. She is his only sexual partner during this book, which is refreshing. Dino Bachetti, his old NYPD partner, usual Stone Barrington, ex-NYPD turned attorney, is saddled with a repeat client no one else wants to represent when his secretary accepts a retainer from Herbie Fisher after he claims to have won millions in the lottery. Dino doesn't have to come to his rescue in this one.

Stone is introduced to Strategic Services, a private protection operation, and befriends the owners. Before he begins to take them on as clients, he is required to take a flying class so he is certified to fly one of their company jets. This book contains the same light reading one expects from Stuart Woods. May 03, Randy rated it it was ok. Stone has two people from the past pop back into his life. Felicity Devonshire, British, high in their government, and Herbie Fisher, goofball who Stone had once got out of a murder charge.

Felicity wants to hire him to find a British subject that had dropped out of sight twelve years before and Herbie wants to hire him to find someone trying to kill him. Felicity offers him a good salary and Herbie offers up a better one.

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He'd won the lottery and his girl friend had a big purse with two million i Stone has two people from the past pop back into his life. He'd won the lottery and his girl friend had a big purse with two million in cash in it. Stone gets a million for his services. Several plot twists on both cases, a lot of sex, a serviceable story. Woods is still one of my guilty pleasures, but he may be wearing a bit thin. This is the third Stone Barrington novel in a row that begins with the same two words: Elaine's, late.

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Elaine's is his favorite restaurant hangout, but come on. May 28, William Brown rated it it was ok. I've read and generally loved all the previous Stone Barrington books by Stuart Woods, but this one is mis-titled. It should be Occasionally Lucid Intervals.

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They are always leisurely reads, but as I read this one, I kept asking myself "There's got to be a plot in here somewhere. In the end, this one is a pale copy of its predecessors and smacks of a publisher's deadline and writer's block. Usually a writer will bouce back from a klunker liek this with a good one, so my advice is wait for the next one. Apr 24, Skip rated it really liked it Shelves: crime-detective. One of the better ones recently.

Herbie Fisher wins the lottery and retains Stone with a large retainer, helping Stone to pay mounting bills -- of course, Herbie manages to get into massive trouble. Meanwhile, in the main story line, Dame Felicity Devonshire head of MI6 hires Stone to help her find a supposedly rogue agent, but together they manage to uncover the real rogues and their agenda.

Oct 06, Gail rated it it was ok Shelves: mystery-suspense.

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Too many loose ends and discrepancies in Wood's books lately. Getting tired of Stone's one-night stand relationships and how much they wear him out. Also, his willingness to tell women he hardly knows all kinds of classified information is getting old -- of course, he does swear them all to secrecy so I guess it's ok.

Feb 24, Ed rated it it was ok. I know last time I complained about the gratuitous sex but now we have gratuitous flying. Woods clearly has another hard-on altogether for aviation as it's lovingly described here.

A Stone Barrington Novel: Lucid Intervals 18 by Stuart Woods (2010, Hardcover)

These books have gotten more and more rote and I've long viewed them as pallate cleansers. But this one is so hum drum I may be done with old Stone after all. Okay to pass the time but it's time for a real book. As an audio book this was so complex with so many characters is was difficult for the narrator and the listener to keep track of what was going on. The narrator tried to give different characters separate vocal qualities, but there were just too many.

Oct 17, Robin Thomsen rated it liked it. Always a quick read. Not one of his best but still enjoyable. Feb 18, Sw rated it did not like it Shelves: read-gave-up.

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Read a chapter or so and realized that it was starting out just like a number of his other books. I put it down to find something better. Aug 01, Alyce Rocco rated it it was ok Shelves: police-mystery-thriller. Lucid Intervals has all the things a Barrington novel always has: lots of expensive dinners and wines, boozing, but he is only having sex with one woman in this one.

Some authors can incorporate the back story previous books in the series without boring readers with repetition. Woods is not one of those authors. It remains to be seen if I will finish reading all the novels in the Stone Barrington series; no substance, and I do not care for the main character. This plot includes spies and counter-spies. Meets Dino at Elaine's every nite, has a long affair with dame Felicity, who survives the book to play again.

Stone gets type rated in another airplane, paid for by one of his objects of investigation.

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Herbie is a distraction. Stone begins to play in every elevated circles.

Loose ends in the larger circle get tied up. Fun read--don't get too much into realism with the Barrington series. The purpose of this mission is to find out if he has taken a new identity, or has passed away. She hires Stone to help, while he is lured into taking on misfit Herbert Fisher as a client. May 27, Jeannine rated it liked it. Stone Barrington novel 18 and my first. Stone Barrington is a former cop turned NYC lawyer with quirky, interesting friends and clients and a habit of dining nightly at Elaine's. The dialogue reminds me of David Rosenfeld's Andy Carpenter but Stone comes across much slicker and better looking.

He is also quite a womanizer, a point that could be made with a few less sex scenes. Still, it was funny, fast moving and entertaining. Request from Interlibrary Loan. Average Rating. Stone Barrington novels volume On Shelf.

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    Language Availability c Putnam's Sons, p. English On Shelf. More Info Place Hold. Language Availability p Penguin Audio, 7 sound discs ca. This is a very fast read and there are a couple of different things going on at the same time. The Herbie story is just a small funny part of the book. The main part in my opinion was that of Felicity, an operative from England, that asks Stone to help her locate a former employee of the service.

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    It is possible that once located he will be eliminated. Of course Stone does not want anything to do with that part of the deal. He is just going to locate the person in question and turn over the information. Felicity of course stays with Stone while he is doing the leg work to find this operative. I have to say the sex was not as descriptive as in other books, it seemed to be briefly mentioned.

    I thought this was good, just not great. I will continue to read them though as I love the interaction between Dino and Stone.