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Stated Fifth Edition. Soft cover with a spiral spine in very good condition. My students have commented time and again how Rules take the fear factor their wording out of writing. Charles Scribner's Sons, What's more, this revised and expanded edition contains updated reading lists and organizational references, as well as the latest information on word processing an illustrating with computers.

Book has deep yellow boards with blue lettering on front and along spine. Collier Books, It should be placed in the hands of all junior editors, people who think they want to be editors, and people who have to work with these monstrous beings we call editors. Light age toning to wraps and papers. From the book, ""Sentence Skills, Third Edition, Form A, teaches the essential grammar, punctuation, and usage skills needed for clear writing. Learning aids available for the book include the following : a combined instructor's manual and Test Bank, a set of twenty five ditto master tests, and a software diskette with numerous activities and helpful feedback.

Sentence Skills is also published in an alternate edition known as Form B, which has essentially the same text as Form A but different practice materials. Teachers thus have the option of using different forms of the book from one semester to the next. No markings. Dust jacket in very good condition showing some rubbing at edges.

If you are, then this book is for your home or office reference shelf. Boston, MA, U. From the book, ""Kristi Holl's 'Writer's First Aid' is what I reach for when I need motivation, inspiration, or suggestions on any part of the writer's life. Every writer should have this book within arm's reach. Book has pictorial cover with green background and navy lettering. Cincinnati, Ohio: Writer's Digest Books, Soft cover in very good new condition. Book has a yellow and green pictorial wraps.

NY: Villard Books, From the book, "" Writing Smart starts with the basics, like composing good sentences and paragraphs, and editing your own work. After you've got those concepts down, you'll master the big stuff: the project proposals, the professional letters, and yes, even the dreaded application essays. There is a very minimal amount of underlining. This can be the exploration of relationships or the environment. Most of my writing has involved the exploration of relationships.

We all want to know what makes other people tick.

Effective Grammar Learning: A Guide to My Process

Once you place one character you have created in the vicinity of another and allow them to interact, the result can be quite unexpected. It can be a very liberating experience and teach you a lot about human nature and incidentally about yourself. Exploring the environment is something else. You can send your fictional character on a journey to find out more. If your own street seems a bit dull, then you can carry this to extremes and build a whole other world. If you hate the political system, you can make up your own and find out how it could work. The possibilities are endless and may help to reconcile you to life as it is on planet earth.

You could start by collecting stories. They really are all around you and people use them in all sorts of ways. There may only be seven basic stories, but the variations are limitless. You only have to listen to a television debate or be present at a business meeting and sooner or later someone will come up with a story. It will probably be a story that has been told a million times and each time it has been embroidered a little to make it more amusing or more interesting or to hammer home a point.

Names may have been changed to protect the innocent or not so innocent. It has become more fiction than fact so that in the end the two may be difficult to separate. Most children are able to escape into imaginary worlds when the going becomes tough in this one. At school we are encouraged to write stories. As we get older and life becomes more serious, many of us lose this ability.

Day dreaming has no place in an adult world obsessed with facts and figures. Perhaps fiction therapy could help people unlock this under-used area of the brain and find fulfilment in creativity. So, it is Sunday February 3rd.

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One week ago it was our last night at Mill House Retreat in Devon. The fire was roaring and we gathered in the main room to talk and to read. We talked about lots of interesting technical things related to writing. The use of the passive voice, the five act structure, our plans for the group in the year ahead…. Then we each agreed to read something to the rest of the group that we had written over the weekend.

I think this is my favourite part of the weekend.

Grammar Gremlins: I Wish I Were . . .

Pam got us going, reading a beautiful piece about using writing as therapy. It was a wonderful insight into how the novel has developed since we critiqued it as a group last year. I like the change in direction and the reasons Julian has made it. There was some feedback from the group — positive plus some suggestions that Julian said he would take away and ponder.

Written from scratch over the weekend. At words long, she read the whole story out and it was engaging and fun and we can all see the potential for a long running series of stories from this single idea. It was great to hear Helen doing something new in the run up to her starting a new writing course with her main WIP. The thought of her expression will have me smiling for a long time to come.

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I have to say here that trying to chose from well over pieces of flash fiction and then to down select, re-edit, re-write or just abandon some, to make what I hope is a coherent collection of Flash Fiction was much harder than I thought it would be. Right — back to the evening. He gave us a chapter that contained a thrilling, fast paced fight scene from his futuristic but low-tech WIP.

John agreed and, like me, editing that section before he too, finally departed the retreat the next day. Finally, Maurice, who has put himself in the unenviable position of having two novel writing projects on the go. The piece he read out that evening was from the first novel he started. As ever, Maurice is the master storyteller, he has a knack in both his writing and reading to spin you a yarn that on one level is somehow filled with the mundane and yet is absolutely real and engrossing.

I am very lucky to be in such an amazing group and to feel completely safe reading to them something that I had only finished a few minutes before reading it! This will be the second time we will have been there and almost exactly a year since we were there last. In some ways, so much has changed, and in others so little….

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  • In the month before the last retreat, a few weeks before Christmas, I finally admitted that I had depression. It was not the Christmas present I had been expecting. I was off work and at my lowest ebb.

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    • My family and my fellow WordWatchers were amazing, they rallied round and got me to the retreat. The atmosphere of Mill House was calming and soothing and over the weekend I tentatively started to write again — unsure if I actually had a story in me — but at least willing to give it a go. I wrote the story — I read it out to my fellow WordWatchers on our final evening, sitting round a roaring fire. I could not have asked for a better scene, atmosphere or audience. Responses to the story were positive, suggestions to tweak it were insightful and were, over the next week or so, made.

      I really hope I do make it into the anthology, not for me, not really, but because I told my counsellor that I just wanted to write again. She helped me achieve that. I presumed I was doing OK. I took a chunk of November and all of December off work to spend time with my family, in particular my wife, Vee, who was recovering from major spinal surgery.

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      I mostly ignored work, I cut back on my time on Facebook and was so much better for doing so and we, as a family, had a lovely Christmas. I returned to work at the beginning of January to discover, in my absence, a course that I ran, that had been cancelled the year before, was no longer cancelled and that I had less than a month to get it organised to be run again.

      I felt overwhelmed again, heard the little voices whispering the excuses I could make to not go to work today, or not even get out of bed. I went back to my GP immediately. We had a really good chat. So, here we are again. So, I have set myself a target. I intend to enter that competition. Somewhere en route between the Earth and Moon a transport shuttle transmits the briefest of Mayday calls.

      Two rescue ships power away from the nearest orbital station and head for its last known position. Against the pinpricked blackness of space, a bloom of orange appears. It expands like the time-lapsed swelling of a mushroom cap. Moments later ribbons of swirling fire erupt from the perfect sphere. They are as beautiful as they are deadly. The shutter winds noisily upwards, filling the small, metallic room with a pale, red light. I glance at the clock beside the bed noting both Earth and Martian time. It used to be strange, thinking that I would die on Mars, but I look to my side, where Rachel still sleeps, and I realise I will live here, and eventually, like all humans, no matter where they are, I will die.

      That was over 20, hard to come by words gone in the time it takes to smack the palm of your hand hard against your forehead. Computers are complex, consisting of thousands of small and fragile components. They are designed to last on average years, manufactured at extremely low cost to be sold for very low margin. Or they will randomly fail because they really were cheap in the first place. Word was designed for writing letters and reports. The bigger the Word document the increased risk you have of something nasty randomly happening.

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      You will always have a pristine copy of the whole document to the point of the last save even if chaos leads you randomly down the rabbit hole after that save. Autorecover saves the changes made to the document since the last save. A sudden failure in Word means you will lose up to 10 minutes of work with the default settings.

      You can change the frequency of these saves from Word, Options, Save, Autorecover. There are plenty of alternative and very reliable tools designed for building large text projects. If the disk or computer holding your documents fails you have either lost everything or are in the hands of a very busy repair engineer invested in making things work, not protecting your data. Copying your documents from the computer daily, per session or even between saves is a great way to protect yourself against hardware failure.

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