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It was last summer when the first buzzards began to fly. And nothing has happened in the months since to change that outlook. It is enough to send shivers down the spines of anyone who even remotely cares about football. These past two weekends, four playoff games apiece, are the apex of sports-fandom in this country, wall-to-wall carnivals that keep people indoors and keep them from complaining about how bitter the winter is. And the notion of that all going away.

As if by ignoring it, the 32 NFL owners will simply forget to turn the keys on the locks in a year and a half.

See a Problem?

But even that barely matters, because the only harrowing thing is this: a full year without pro football. Hockey lost a whole season and half of a prior one. Even football has survived seasonal amputations before. We are a sports town filled with legacy owners.

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Steinbrenner: Hard to find any fault with anything Hal, Hank and the other kids have done with their family toy so far; all they have done is build a beautiful ballpark, spend enough money to win a 27th title, even become the first New York-area team to pledge money to Haiti. Not a bad start. But both sons have expressed a deep affinity for the team, and for the privilege of owning it, and both are smart enough to hire good football men to work on their behalf.

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Never used! This item is printed on demand. Seller Inventory Ships with Tracking Number! Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!. Publisher: Lulu. The heady-ish rise up the ranks in authorishness, or should that be 'being more authorish'? Neither of course are correct and the Grammar Gestapo are doubtless closing in as we speak.

Some of my fellow indie authors make a great deal about correct grammar and will launch into blog debates at length, preaching to the choir when what they should be doing is writing, and carving out a successful career.

Advance to Contact (Armageddon's Song, #2) by Andy Farman

To that end I have been watching my own, less than meteoric rise, up the ranks care of Amazon. Up from ,th at the end of April to 3,thth today, which sounds far more impressive than it actually is. In the interests of keeping it real, if a public library had upon its shelves each day that same number of different books available for the reading public to check out, I would be the least read book.

Monday, 24 June From Pixels to Ink. This is my third career, the first lasted seven years and consisted of running around the countryside with guns. The second involved running around cities with a silly bit of wood called a truncheon, but the last six were cool because I got to hang with TV and movie crews on location, eat really good free food, and fast track through the notoriously slow and strict security at the BBC, all with a flash of the badge.

Going to Buckingham Palace for briefings and meetings was cool too but I had to use the tradesmen's entrance at the side. But I digress.

The point I was trying to make was that all that experience did not teach me how to format in HTML, how to increase DPI from 72 to , or what a gutter was, other than the usual usage of the term. The novels were re-uploaded twice as this guttering business had not taken, but then I received an email all was satisfactory. I logged on, pressed 'Proceed' and looked upon the finished product, and the price The printers have not explained this discrepancy, but it was obvious that hardbacks at paperback prices may sell but paperbacks at hardback prices never will.

My trilogy, at least in print, is now a six part 'ology', which required work on the covers so as not to confuse the buyer. The Kindle books sell five hundred times better than the paperbacks though, as in I have sold one.

NFL Armageddon coming in 2011

Well it kept me busy I suppose. Next thing to do is get them translated. Wednesday, 12 June Ah, reviews and stars.