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Stem, W. Holzinger, K.

Jordan Peterson: Is intelligence the most important factor in determining university success?

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MacCallum, R. Lord, F. With contributions by Allan Birnbaum. Ekstrom, R. Wothke, W, Bock, R.

New cross-cultural analysis suggests that g or “general intelligence” is a human universal

Could these cultural variations in behaviour and in the conception of what is considered smart reflect fundamental differences in how minds work? To find out, Warne and Burningham searched the literature to find mental ability studies in non-industrialised, non-Western cultures defined as less than half the population being White or European. The analysis covered nearly datasets from 31 cultures including Thailand, Uganda, Papau New Guinea, Guyana — from every inhabited continent and world region save Europe and Australia.

The median sample size was , but due to some very large samples Warne and Burningham were working with 50, participants in all.

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They wanted to explore which cultures and which sets of tasks featured performance variation that could be reduced down to one factor akin to g , and which would firmly resist. There are many ways to do factor analysis, especially around the decision rule of when to stop generating underlying factors, and this choice obviously influences the results that follow. In other cases, two underlying factors emerged, but these were similar enough to also end up reducing to one factor in a second round of analysis, saving one single exception.

However, his critics have responded that we think of something like athletic skill as just that — a skill and not strictly intelligence.

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Currently, the g factor theory of intelligence is largely undisputed and has been established through experimental cognitive research, brain anatomy and molecular genetics — where it has also been shown to have a strong heritable component. Though it is taken as true that there is a high correlation between performance on different skills tests, research is still underway to determine what causes that correlation and how. Check out our quiz-page with tests about:.

Lyndsay T Wilson Nov 21, Spearman and the Theory of General Intelligence. Retrieved Sep 21, from Explorable. The text in this article is licensed under the Creative Commons-License Attribution 4. That is it.

Human Intelligence: Charles Spearman

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