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Many farmers wade into the wet paddies to plant the rice seedlings by hand. Other important crops include wheat, soy beans, sweet potatoes, and many kinds of fruit.

In fact, apples were first grown in ancient China. Life is often difficult in the country. People can earn more in the city and then send money home to help their families. Most of these minority groups live in the countryside. Moving to the city usually means living far from home, and perhaps only visiting once a year. In some families, both parents find jobs in the city. Grandparents or other relatives care for the children back in the country.

A grandfather takes his grandson home from school. The biggest city, Shanghai, has almost 17 million people, including several million residents who live there temporarily for work. The population of Beijing, the capital city, is 14 million. As more people move to the cities, the cities grow upward and outward.

In some cities, too many people have moved in too quickly, and there are not enough homes and jobs for everyone. Chongqing More than 30 million people live in the city of Chongqing [chong-ching], and the surrounding area. This very large city is in central China. Once, China was known as a nation of bicycles. However, with millions of new cars on the roads each year, there are massive traffic jams and high levels of pollution. Maglev train The Maglev train in Shanghai is one of the fastest trains in the world.

It takes less than eight minutes to travel along the mile 30 km track. Homes are arranged around the sides of the courtyards. Due to the rapid growth of cities, many hutongs are being knocked down to make way for modern apartment buildings that can house more people. Many work in factories, making goods that are sold around the world. Factory workers often live in rooms on the factory site. Some factory sites are so big, they are like small cities.

New hotels and restaurants are opening all the time, due to the increase in tourism, and they need workers as well. Unfortunately, many others still struggle to get by. The Yangtze flows 3, miles 6, km across the center of China, from the Qinghai [ching-hi] Plateau in the west to the East China Sea near Shanghai. It is ideal land for farming. Along the riverbanks are large cities, such as Chongqing, Wuhan, and Nanjing. Many boats sail along the eastern part of the Yangtze, from Chongqing to the coast. Traditional fishing nets are often used to catch fish in the Yangtze.

This enormous dam prevents flooding in areas downriver and uses river water to generate electricity. However, to build the dam, an area of spectacular natural beauty was purposely flooded, and entire towns and villages disappeared under the water. Several million people had to move away. The dam has also harmed wildlife and the environment. The Three Gorges Dam has changed the Yangtze forever—both for the better and for The Lesser Gorge before the floods raised the water level the worse.

These creatures were white and had long, narrow beaks. Pandas, of course! Sadly, there are not many pandas left. They are an endangered species. Much of their habitat has been cleared for farming or building, which means there are now fewer pandas. Animal experts in China are working to increase the panda population. They have set up reserves in Sichuan [sech-wan] Province to protect the remaining panda habitat.

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They also encourage pandas to have more Bamboo babies. Slowly, the population is growing again. The Chinese calendar begins with the Spring Festival. Also known as the Chinese New Year, it is a noisy, colorful festival that lasts for 15 days. In China and around the world, families gather for a huge New Year feast that includes special dishes such as jiaozi [jow-zuh], a kind of dumpling.

People wear red clothes for luck and hang red decorations. Children receive red packets of lucky money. During the Dragon Boat Festival, boats decorated to look like colorful dragons take part in an exciting race. The Midautumn Festival, or Moon Festival, celebrates the harvest. That night, people look up at the full moon and think of loved ones who are far away. Moon cakes Friends and relatives give each other moon cakes during the Moon Festival.

Cycle 1 Readers: History and Science

In ancient China, people hid messages inside these treats. One example is the Chinese space program. In , China sent its first astronaut, or taikonaut [tie-ko-naut], into space. Since then, the space program has grown. The main goal of the program is to learn more about the moon and Mars, and China hopes to one day have a permanent base on the moon.

In , the Chinese launched an unmanned orbiter to help them study the moon. To mark the occasion, they have built high-tech sports arenas, new parks, and better public transportation systems. An effort has also been made to reduce pollution in the capital and other cities through the Green Olympics program. China was once closed off from the rest of the world. Now, it is a proud nation taking its place on the global stage. Styles of fighting, existed for many such as kung fu, hundreds or Dynasty karate, or judo, thousands of years. A series of rulers which are often from a single family.

Bamboo Periods of Chinese A type of woody history are often Minority grass that grows identified by the A small group of in tropical places. In empire or country. China, calligraphy Chinese emperors Orbiter involves writing had complete A spacecraft that characters. Characters Symbols that Highlands Population represent words, An area of land The number of as used in Chinese at a high altitude, people who live writing. Civilization Silk Road The way of life of a Irrigate A historical trade people in a particular To supply farmland route that led from time and place.

Egypt, Persia, and of a place. India along the way. Karst Communist Party A landscape of Tone The political party mountains and The highness or that governs China caves formed from lowness of a sound. Four tones are used leaders. Find out all about its history, its culture, and its exciting future. Fishy Tales takes a journey through a coral reef, where kids can watch small fish swim in and out of the coral and jellyfish float up and down in the waves.

It's time for fun and festivities - the year is full of days to celebrate! Learn about holidays all over the world with this Level 2 DK Reader. Lucy, Emma, and Tom are getting ready for the horse show. Whose horse will win the ribbon? Munching, crunching, sniffing, and snooping - meet lots of "nosy" animals and learn how they use their special snouts.

You'll be amazed at what animals do with their mouths and noses in this Level 2 DK Reader! In My Dress-Up Box, readers join young children as they dress up as pirates, cowboys, firefighters, fairies, and more. DK readers are a multistage reading program with five graduated levels. Stunning photographs and engaging, age-appropriate stories.

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The DK Reader My First Ballet Recital is the story of a girl's preparation for her first ballet performance, where she and her classmates can show off all they've learned! On the Move is a lighthearted exploration of the world of vehicles and transportation, geared toward the very youngest readers. From crazy clowns and puppet shows to decorating the invitations and blowing out the candles on the cake, the excitement and fun of a party is the perfect way to motivate young children to start to learn to read.

This Pre-Level 1 Reader presents a lively narrative about a petting zoo, encouraging a desire to read in children aged three to five. The simple sentences and strong visual clues make it easy for kids to follow the story as they learn about the zoo's residents, from a woolly lamb to a hungry rabbit. From the first Golden Globe race to Ellen MacArthur becoming the fastest woman to sail around the world, your child will be hooked on the adventures of Solo Sailing! Tick, tock. Long ago, people told time using the sun or water -and find out how clocks have changed and become more accurate in this Level 2 DK Reader.

Telling Time is a history of timekeeping, from obelisks and sundials to the atomic clocks of today. But few survived to tell the tale…. It's the day of the big performance at Laura's ballet school. Suddenly disaster strikes! Can Laura help save the show? Famous for helping maintain peace between the English colonists and Native Americans, this brave Indian woman befriended the settlers at Jamestown, saving the life of their leader, Captain John Smith. Skip to main content. Publisher: Dorling Kindersley, Limited. About this collection:. This collection includes all titles on the list below.

Displaying 1 - of titles. Search within this list. Big Trucks. Author: Lock, Deborah. Farm Animals.

Ape Adventures(Readers 3)

Author: Publishing, DK. Author: Gersh, Camilla. Garden Friends. In the Park. Meet the Dinosaurs. My Day. Ponies and Horses. A Day at Greenhill Farm. Author: Nicholson, Sue. Animal Hide and Seek. Author: Smith, Penny. Animals at Home. Author: Lock, David. Bugs and Us. Author: Murphy, Patricia J. Bugs Hide and Seek.

Author: Buller, Laura. Dinosaur's Day. Author: Thomson, Ruth. Feeding Time. First Day at Gymnastics. Author: Ganeri, Anita. Homes Around the World. Author: Moore, Max. I Want to Be a Ballerina.

Welcome to China: Caryn Jenner: Paperback - BMI Educational Services

Author: Blackledge, Annabel. Let's Play Soccer. Little Dolphin. Author: Unstead, Sue. Mega Machines. Playful Puppy. Author: Hicks, Charlotte. Submarines and Submersibles. Surprise Puppy. Author: Hodge, Judith. Train Travel. Amazing Buildings. Author: Hayden, Kate. Animal Hospital.

Author: Walker-Lodge, Judith.

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Battle at the Castle. Author: Matthews, Rupert. Dinosaur Dinners. Author: Davis, Lee. Earth Smart. Author: Garrett, Leslie. Emperor Penguins. Author: Royston, Angela. Journey of a Humpback Whale. Author: Jenner, Caryn. Let's Go Riding. Sniffles, Sneezes, Hiccups, and Coughs. Author: Durant, Penny.

Space Quest: Mission to Mars. Author: Lock, Peter. Starry Sky. Story of Columbus. Survivors: The Night the Titanic Sank. The Great Migration. The Secret Life of Trees. Author: Chevallier, Chiara. Water Everywhere. Author: Atkins, Jill. Author: Moses, Brian. Ant Antics. Beastly Tales. Author: Yorke, Malcolm. Greek Myths. Helen Keller. Invaders From Outer Space. Author: Brookes, Philip. Plants Bite Back! Author: Platt, Richard. Rain Forest Explorer. School Days Around the World. Author: Chambers, Catherine. Shark Attack! Author: East Dubowski, Cathy.

Shark Reef. Author: Foreman, Niki. Spacebusters: The Race to the Moon. Author: Wilkinson, Philip. Spiders' Secrets. The Big Dinosaur Dig. Author: Ripley, Esther. The Story of Anne Frank. Author: Lewis, Brenda. The Story of Chocolate. Author: Polin, C. Tiger Tales. Author: Chancellor, Deborah. Welcome to China. Days of the Knights. Author: Maynard, Christopher. Dinosaur Detectives. Author: Chrisp, Peter. Earthquakes and Other Natural Disasters. Author: Griffey, Harriet. Extreme Machines.

Author: Bull, Angela. Horse Heroes. Author: Petty, Kate. Pirates: Raiders of the High Seas. Author: Junor, Amy. Thomas Edison: The Great Inventor. A Trip to the Doctor. A Trip to the Theater. Ape Adventures. Astronaut: Living in Space. Black Beauty. Author: Sewell, Anna.

Colorful Days. Duck Pond Dip. Family Vacation. Feather, Flippers, and Feet. Fishy Tales. Author: Kindersley, Dorling. Horse Show. Let's Make Music. Munching, Crunching, Sniffing, and Snooping. My Dress-Up Box. My First Ballet Recital. On the Move. Party Fun. Petting Zoo. Secrets of the Mummies. Solo Sailing. Telling Time. Terror on the Amazon. The Little Ballerina. Author: Grindley, Sally. Truck Trouble. Have any questions?

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ISBN: In the Park In the Park Author: Publishing, DK This lively narrative shows all the fun things that young children can do at a park, including playground rides, riding bicycles, flying kites, playing with a ball and watching ducks in the pond. Ponies and Horses Ponies and Horses Author: Publishing, DK Ponies and Horses introduces the very youngest readers to the exciting world of ponies, horses, and the people who ride and care for them.

Animals at Home Animals at Home Author: Lock, David Compiled in close consultation with leading literacy experts, Animals at Home takes a warm and fuzzy look at the homes of animals-from birds' nests and beaver lodges to turtle shells and beehives. Homes Around the World Homes Around the World Author: Moore, Max Homes around the World looks at some of the world's most unusual human residences, including pueblos, floating homes, tree houses, portable yurts, and eco-friendly houses.

Little Dolphin Little Dolphin Author: Unstead, Sue Children will love this endearing tale about a young dolphin who wants to swim with the older dolphins. Playful Puppy Playful Puppy Author: Hicks, Charlotte Holly is given a lively puppy who prefers to chew, play, and explore rather than train.