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This is different than in the real world where the Aryans moved west into Europe. Wild Cards is a science fiction and superhero anthology series set in a shared universe. The series was created by a group of New Mexico science fiction authors, but it is mostly pulled together and edited by best-selling author George R. Martin with assistance by Melinda Snodgrass, also a contributor to the series.

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There were twelve initial volumes released by Bantam, those being published between and , before the series switched publishers, going to Baen, which released three new volumes between and ; then it was on to a third, iBooks, which published two new volumes and also reprinted the first six, all between and ; then it was on to its fourth and current publisher, Tor in , that continues the series and has issued four new volumes, with a new one likely forthcoming in late While most of the books are made up of individual short stories, they generally focus on a central theme or event.

There were also several longer storylines which run through several of the books. Some volumes use the format of a mosaic novel. This involved several writers writing individual story lines, which were then edited together into one seamless novel-length story. Finally, several volumes in the series are a complete novel written by a single author.

Many of the original authors were also inspired by a long-running Albuquerque, New Mexico campaign of the role-playing game Superworld, gamemastered by George R. Martin, and many modeled their characters on their in-game persona. Miller, and Martin himself. Miller; only copies were known to be released, due to the sudden demise of the iBooks imprint.

It has since been reprinted by Brick Tower Press.


Peter F. Hamilton born 2 March is a British author. He is best known for writing space opera.

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As of the publication of his tenth novel in , his works had sold over two million copies worldwide. The three books are each well over a thousand pages long and are not standalone novels, totaling 1. The trilogy is set in a universe with a wealth of worlds and artificial orbiting colonies. The plot is centered on the souls of the dead coming back from a hellish "beyond" to possess the living, and the latter fighting back. Hamilton re-set several earlier short stories in the Confederation timeline, published as the collection A Second Chance at Eden, including the newly written title novella.

The stand-alone book describes a bleak corporatist society dominated by five mega-corporations which wield almost unlimited power.

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It describes the troubled military campaign by one of these companies to "realise assets" from a minor colony, through the eyes of a veteran mercenary. Set approximately years later in the same universe as Misspent Youth, it explores the social effects of the almost complete elimination of the experience of death following widespread use of the rejuvenation technique described in Misspent Youth.

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Misspent Youth A stand-alone novel telling the story of the first man to be rejuvenated. The Magister Trilogy C. Friedman, acclaimed author of The Coldfire Trilogy, returns to the epic style which has made her one of the most popular fantasy writers in the genre. Friedman introduces readers to a world of high fantasy, replete with vampire-like magical powers, erotic interludes, treachery, war, sorcery, and a draconic creature of horrific power and evil.

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The Magister Trilogy is a fantasy trilogy written by Celia S. Second entry in a new young adult series by New York Times best seller David Weber, and the prequel to the hugely popular Honor Harrington adult science fiction saga. Fire in the forest—and a cry for help from a trapped and desperate alien mother! Unfortunately, this is one cry no human can hear. Stephanie Harrington, precocious fourteen-year-old Provisional Forest Ranger on the planet Sphinx, knows something is wrong from the uneasy emotion that is flooding into her from her treecat friend, Climbs Quickly. Still, their strong and direct bond of feeling may be enough.

Fire season on the pioneer world of Sphinx has begun. But there are those who want to use the natural cycle of the planet for personal gain —and to get rid of the one obstacle that stands in the way of acquiring even greater land and power on Spinx: the native treecats.

But in the process Stephanie must be certain to preserve the greatest secret all. It is the knowledge that the treecats of Sphinx are not merely pets or servants, but are highly intelligent in their own right—that they are a species fully deserving of rights, respect, and freedom. And keeping the secret that will allow the treecats time to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with humankind. It all begins with the friendship of a girl and her treecat. The series combines elements of mystery and fantasy as it follows the adventures of private investigator Garrett.

James Lovegrove born is a British writer of speculative fiction. His first novel was The Hope, published by Macmillan in He was short-listed for the Arthur C. Clarke Award in for his novel Days and for the John W. Campbell Memorial Award in for his novel Untied Kingdom. His recent Pantheon series is a set of standalone military SF adventure novels featuring the gods of ancient mythologies.

His most recent book in the Panteon series is Age of Aztec not included. Are you the publisher? Offering a wide range of features and services including content management, users, permissions, blogs, forums, comments, translations and more. Simple, Easy and Fast. Choose Plan Choose your plan according to what you need to develop your project and receive a Free Domain of your choice. Enable Platform Activate any of over scripts available in just one click. All installation and configuration is automatic.

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