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As the sermon touched on the prophetic similarities between the Old Testament book of Daniel and the New Testament book of Revelation, Laurie assured the audience that Bible prophecy should not be treated by Christians as an "academic exercise" or a "hobby horse" because biblical prophecy has real consequence.

We want them to join us in Heaven. So it alarms us but it shall also cause us to be concerned about own life and how we are living our life. This all reminds us that life is short and we will have to give an account one day to God and we too will be judged.

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Laurie cited the prophecy of Daniel to show that when people are faced with the impending judgment of the Lord, there is mention of books that are opened in Heaven. The books were open and another book is open, which is the book of life. The dead were judged according to the things written in the books,'" Laurie quoted.

Here is the good news about heavenly data: It can't be hacked. It is safe but it is there. God keeps track of everything. Although the Bible speaks of "books in Heaven," Laurie said he didn't know if they are literally physical books. According to Laurie, the first type of book keeps records of "every faithful deed" done by God's people. God notices when we say His name, even in profanity. He also notices when you serve Him. So for every act of service, it is duly noted in Heaven.

In Revelation God speaks directly only twice: and John clearly wants to emphasize highly what God says the second time not only because this divine message is waited for twenty-chapter long and is situated in the concluding part of the entire narrative but also because this message expresses an ultimate promise of God.

This promise is that God is making everything new, and a new heaven and earth is to be in this world, in which God will dwell with people physically and forever.

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Hence, this promise should be regarded as the primary and ultimate theological message in Revelation. Moreover, this promise is enhanced by the imagery transformation of heaven and earth because it indicates that this promise is being realized, rather than will be realized. This promise that everything is made new by God seems to parallel the imagery that heaven and earth are transforming by the divine power from the old to the new. If God is able to transform, and is transforming, heaven and earth anew, there can be no doubt that God is able to convert, and is converting, the existential status quo of human life and society.

In this hope, people can find the direction, purpose, destination of their lives.

The Books of heaven

Because this eschatological hope is based on the promise of a faithful and almighty God who is making everything new for people, it cannot be lost or taken away. This hope maintains and upholds faith, an outlook which embraces all things, including death. John basically inherited and identified with the traditional imagery of heaven and earth and its meanings. However, he enhances and enriches this imagery and its meanings by transforming the imagery of heaven and earth.

Secrets of Heaven - (English Print Book)

The description of heaven and earth being transformed constantly may not be understood literally, as a prediction or a secret code, to show the annihilation of the world in the future, but theologically as a metaphor to express messages of faith for people. The purpose of the description is not to display the destruction of heaven and earth, but to manifest the divine almightiness and reign. It is not to disclose the divine wrath, but to admonish people to repent and to urge believers to keep faith. It is not to reveal that God is violently transforming heaven and earth, but that God is actively converting the situation of human life and society and is realizing the ultimate promise.

The ultimate destiny of humanity is not to go to heaven with God, but to stay in this world with God because God is coming toward this world from heaven. All of creation is in movement; this movement is toward fulfillment, consummation, the attainment of the divine promise, [19] which is reiterated and enforced by the description of the imagery transformation of heaven and earth.

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    Will We Find Books in Heaven?

    Kentucky: WJK : Reddish, Mitchell G.. NY: Doubleday : A poem has to be read in rhythm to get the full effect. When we step into our destiny, we will discover a rhythm of the Spirit we sync into. Matthew —30 from the Message translation makes some significant statements about discovering this rhythm. Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Walk with me and work with me—watch how I do it.

    Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. Discovering the unforced rhythms of grace awakens us to being His workmanship. We begin to realize how we were made and what we were made for. The strife and frustration of life can cease. We begin to get into the rhythm of our destiny.

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    He desires us to be in a place where life is easy and our burden is light. Even as I write this, I can sense the longing of the Lord to bring us into this place we were made for and He saw for us before time began. The second thing written in our book of destiny is the span of our life and what we are to accomplish. We are told the days were fashioned for us before there was any of them. It says days , or the details and specifics of our lives. God is not just in charge of the big picture, but is also helping us in our daily lives to fulfill what is written in our books.

    Every day we should surrender our lives to His purposes. There may be a day that shifts us into a part of our destiny that if missed, can be catastrophic. I believe this is why the Psalmist in Psalms —24 spoke of the day the Lord had made. The stone which the builders rejected Has become the chief cornerstone. This is the day the Lord has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it. The day when Jesus, the rejected One, was declared and set as the chief cornerstone was the day the Lord had made.

    There’s a Book in Heaven about You | John Bevere

    In other words, it was an appointed time for this to happen. That day changed the future of the earth and all its inhabitants. God also has days He has made for you. These days are strategic times when you shift into all that was written in your book. These days cannot be missed. In this time, you experience breakthrough or the future you were meant for.

    The nation of Israel, by not recognizing Jesus as Messiah, missed their time of visitation. The result was a future God never intended for them. Because they did not believe the revelation of who Jesus is, they lost what God intended for them. Jesus wept over them because of this. May we be sensitive to the Holy Spirit so we never fall into this trap. Also the days being fashioned for us speaks of the length of our time on the earth.

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    • It also speaks of the purpose and destiny connected to those days. God has ordained the length of our life so we can fulfill all that is written in our book. It is our job to discover what is in our book and to fulfill it. I believe we will be judged, when we stand before the Lord, by how much of our book we fulfilled. The Bible teaches that we will each stand before the judgment seat of Christ and give an account of our lives 2 Corinthians Did we fulfill what was assigned to us in our book? For no other foundation can anyone lay than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ. We must make sure that our works are gold, silver, and precious stone so they are preserved in the fire of His judgment.