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Review – The Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting |

Atlantic Rim , aka From the Sea. Metal Bum.

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The chapter finishes up with several pages describing the lands that lie outside the Inner Sea region. Chapter 3 covers the gods of the setting, each of which is given a half-page column of descriptive flavor text, along with the essential 3. As a whole, the gods are interesting and more colorful than those described in most of the setting books put out by WotC. The chapter also details the other major powers in the world which include eight archdevils, thirteen demon lords, six emphyreal lords, and four archdaemons — each of these gets at least a paragraph of information which is something I really like.

My favorites are the archdaemons which are cast in the role of the four horsemen.

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  7. Chapter 4 covers the various organizations of the Inner Seas, members of which have appeared in one form or another in previously published adventures or supplements. Shorter descriptions of more than a dozen other lesser groups — which would make suitable supporters or adversaries depending on the nature of your game — are also included.

    Feats, languages, lost kingdoms, prestige classes, psionics, technology, and trade are also detailed. See what I mean? Worst yet is the fact that the chapter mixes fluff and crunch in a really erratic way — one section is pure fluff, the next is crunch, and so on.

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    Lastly, readers will be happy to hear that the book includes an index. That last part is an advantage, in my opinion, because it means that players can identify with the material rather than trying to decipher a lot of bizarre elements. The world also feels like its on the brink of disaster and in need of heroes. Is it ground breaking? Absolutely not.

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    Review – The Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting

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    Notify me of new posts via email. Here is how Paizo describes the book: Golarion, the exciting world of the Pathfinder Adventure Paths and Pathfinder Modules, comes alive in this massive page full-color hardcover tome primed up and ready to go for your new campaign! Share this: Twitter Facebook Reddit.